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Come to Delaware Family Eye Center for comprehensive eye examinations and quality care for your glaucoma and diabetes-related eye issues!

Get glaucoma care

Treat vision problems caused by glaucoma

Understand how glaucoma and diabetes can seriously damage your vision

If you’re suffering from glaucoma or think you have glaucoma symptoms, let our trained and experienced staff help. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve of your eye when there is a build-up of fluid and pressure in the front of your eye. You can also suffer vision problems and loss of vision from diabetes. This disease can also lead to cataracts and glaucoma. Know the symptoms of diabetes and glaucoma so you can quickly seek treatment.

Treat the symptoms of glaucoma and more

Get diabetic and glaucoma treatment

• Comprehensive glaucoma and diabetes care options

• Hazy eyes and eye redness  

• Loss of vision with glaucoma and cataracts

• Eye pain and dry eye treatments available

• Seeing outlines around light

• Tunnel vision problems

• Experiencing nausea often

Turn to our experienced facility for accurate diagnosis and treatment of your diabetes or glaucoma that is negatively affecting your eyes.


Make sure you get the best care and proper treatment for all your optical needs from our caring staff. As a diabetic or glaucoma patient, you'll find complete care from our team. Contact us for help today, or browse our website for details about our staff and services.

Call us for glaucoma care!


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