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Do you have bagginess in your lower eyelids or extra skin on your upper eyelids? Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, gives you a way to fix this cosmetic issue. In the same way, we can help aging individuals whose upper eyelids are sagging and obstructing their vision.

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• Aging and gravity contribute to loss of skin's elasticity

• Loose skin gathers on upper and lower eyelids

 Schedule consultations to examine upper and lower lids

• Complete eye exams to check for other vision issues

• Excess skin hangs beyond eyelashes and blocks view

• Thin membrane holding the fat in place around eyeball weakens

• Fat cushioning the eyeball moves forward and results in bulges in

   the eyelids

If droopy eyelids due to aging or other causes are interfering with your daily life or causing stress, turn to us for corrective surgical procedures.


You can trust our professional team to care for your eyes and eyelids and give you backs the clear view you want! You'll look and feel great with our eyelid surgery! Learn more about our staff, or browse our website for details about our other services, including cataract removal.

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